Death Doula Experience

The Death Doula Experience includes facilitating discussions around what the dying process will look like. This could include legacy project ideas, final wishes, or what you would like the set and setting to look like, addressing any potential fears. It also includes care and comfort to the family and dying person through the active dying phase. I treat each case individually and understand everyone’s level of assistance will be vastly different.
Price: Sliding scale

Private Psychedelic and Integrative Therapy

Private Psychedelic and Integrative Therapy includes one session to see if working with natural medicine is right for you on your healing journey. This service includes overnight care with the medicine, and integration the next morning.
Price: $350
Follow-up Integrative Therapy Sessions (1 hour): $80
Sex and Relationship Coaching

Sex and Relationship Coaching is the process of using the tools of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy combined with self education and sex positivity. I use applied knowledge of monogamous, polyamorous and open relationships. These sessions will help you improve communication and boundaries for yourself and potential partners.
Price: $150 
Phone/Skype session: $150

Life Reviews - Death Doula

Life Reviews are an intimate process of writing and reviewing the entirety of your life story over the course of a month. These sessions include weekly check-ins for what’s coming up and a final review session at the end. I use applied cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help you look at the trajectory of your path. This practice can really help you to better understand how to harness where you are going in this life by observing past patterns and shedding what is
no longer serving you.
Price $500

Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings uses the practice of connecting science and spirituality through astronomy. It dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. from the Babylonian Empire. Though it was developed cross culturally in Greece, Egypt and India. It is a practice of understanding the earthly plains by looking at the sky. It is the language of psychology. I have been actively practicing since childhood and can help you uncover parts of yourself through examining your astrological natal chart as well as observing your current transits.
Price: $150 for an hour long astrological reading

Contact me directly if money is an issue; a sliding can be provided.